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    The Nexus
    of Health Care

    Lavaa empowers health and care professionals to prevent chronic illness, improve patient outcomes, and lower healthcare costs.


    Our suite of advanced digital tools combines powerful data insights with next-generation clinical decision support to enable the best in proactive, preventive care.


    How does
    Lavaa work?

    Our platform offers providers, clinicians and payers the ability to create personalized care programs to unlock early detection of a wide range of chronic, oncological and mental health conditions.

    Lavaa uses protocols that are certified in the treatment of non-communicable diseases to determine an individual's risk of developing long-term health conditions.

    Powerful, Secure
    and Compliant

    The team behind Lavaa harnesses the best of Israeli technological innovation and clinical expertise by combining advanced digital tools


    Adaptable to Every
    Type of Care Setting

    We are proud to offer a series of customizable solutions for use across the full range of health care domains:

    testimonial_1 General Practice
    testimonial_2 Accountable Care Providers
    testimonial_3 Hospitals and Physicians
    testimonial_4 Nursing Homes
    testimonial_5 The Pharmaceutical Sector
    testimonial_6 Payers and Insurers

    Our marks
    of quality

    We follow all the necessary rules for the development of medical software, consulting and medical services.


    Join us
    in our mission

    Our goal is to strengthen every part of the medical value chain, improve lives and create financially sustainable health care systems across the globe. Why don't you join us in our mission?

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